International Seminar-Workshop on

Fostering Sustainable Finance and Development

Mode of Program:

  • Face to Face


Many Asia Pacific countries are vulnerable to climate risk due to the ill effects of climate change that negatively impact on their economies. The financial sector plays a vital role in addressing these vulnerabilities by influencing both the public and private sectors to invest in green and climate-resilient projects that support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to align their economies towards the sustainable development pathway. Important aspects of sustainable finance and development are green investments propelled by the banking sector where lending decisions are based on environmental screening and risk assessment to meet sustainability standards.

Course Objectives
– To understand current developments and trends in the area of sustainable finance;
– To identify opportunities and learn about the different types of sustainable finance products and relevant eligibility criteria;
– To discuss opportunities, challenges, and enabling conditions for countries to benefit from growing sustainable investment opportunities that would support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
– To apply sustainable finance mechanisms to real-life investments.

Program Content
I – Fundamentals of Sustainable Finance
II – Sustainable Finance Pillars
III – ESG Risks in Banks
IV – Sustainable Finance Action Plan

Target Participants
– Strategic/Corporate Planning Officers
– Risk and Compliance Officers
– Loan/Credit/Relationship Officers
– Sustainability Officers

Resource Persons
Composed of a select group from ADFIAP’s pool of management experts and development banking practitioners.

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